Demands for websites

  1. Site must be on paid hosting.
  2. More than 500 unique visitors per day.
  3. Partner must provide guest access to external site statistics (for example, Liveinternet or Google Analytics). Management and Support have a right to request access to closed sections.
  4. The code you place on the website should be the code that was generated by our system for this specific website (you can do it in your account). Placing our code on a website that is not registered in our system, or placing a code generated for one website to a different website is strictly forbidden by our Rules. System Administration reserves the right to ban a publisher in case violation of rules occurs.


Offered goods and services are not provided on order of a person or enterprise operation system WebMoney Transfer. We are independent company entity providing services, making independent decisions about pricing and offers. Enterprises using WebMoney Transfer system do not receive commissions or other remuneration for participation in providing services and are not responsible for our actions.

Verification done by WebMoney Transfer, only confirms our requisites for communication and proves the identity.Verification performed at our request and does not mean that we are in any way connected with the sales system operators WebMoney.